Monday, August 13, 2007

We prudently decided to pull off the road when the sky ahead of us began to look like this!!! He hunkered down in a truck stop near Lodi, Ohio on Thursday afternoon. Steve hooked the two generators together and we opened one slide and closed the bedroom door so we could have a/c in the rig. Man, it was hot and muggy!! This picture was taken about five minutes before the heavens opened! We held Duke between us as the thundered rolled and the lightning flashed and the wind tossed the RV back and forth between the big rigs we were parked between. The rain just poured down and soon the parking lot was covered with water and it was running in torrents to the ditch behind us. We had quickly put down the satellite dish just before the storm hit. After the brunt of it passed we put the satellite back up and turned on Fox news...where we heard a tornado had crushed a barn with animals in Lodi, Ohio...which was four miles from where we were parked! Thank you Lord for protection! We were on the road headed toward Niagara Falls after experiencing Severe Thunderstorm warning #575!
Just as we arrived on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls with our Candadian friends Doug and Sandra Lindsay, serving with Wycliffe Bible translaters in Toronto, Ontario, an expansive rainbow arched across Horseshoe Falls!
The amount of water cascading over Niagara Falls is overwhelming! The mist rising and floating towards us in the wind made more pictures from this vantage point impossible and we quickly moved on down the rail to see the front of the falls.
Wow! Can't believe we actually got to see Niagara Falls!!! It was just the perfect day after two days of rain...the sun was shining brightly and the sky was so blue above the falls!
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