Sunday, August 26, 2007

lo I know this is a crazy picture! I'm going to post these before I post what we have done this past week. This steel frame, several hundred pound sign was originally sitting at the left edge of this photo about 20 feet away....that is until a mini tornado zoomed through right where we were parked at the Elks Lodge in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. We had closed the window shades and got the gennies hooked up and a/c on just before the storm hit. Let me tell you the RV was rockin and rollin. The rain was hitting us sideways..and I pulled up the shade to look at it just in time to see this sign become airborne heading for the RV! It flipped over on the top and hit this metal box and was stopped. About that time the top of the slide out tipped IN! So Steve and I scrambled to "hold it in!" In a half a minute or so after the brunt of it had passed.
Later that night we thought we might walk across the street to get an ice cream..and this is what we saw at the back of the RV!!! Had the wind come at a different angle, the tree would have directly hit the RV. Just a few hours before I was sitting under it talking with a friend!
With all the wind, we didn't even hear the tree fall!
The tree that fell was the same size as the tree to the right in this picture. Wow..what a wild night!
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