Monday, June 11, 2007

You can see where the level of the lake has gone is a drought year and they aren't really expecting it to raise. The salinity of the water is evident as the salt bushes make a beautiful addition to the landscape of mountains, tufa and sage brush.
LOL..what's this you say? Alkali the million, jillion, trillions! They lay their eggs under the water and after they hatch they stay as flies right along the bank of the lake. They fly up a bit but they don't bother you...but boy I have never seen so many bugs at one time!
Another beautiful view..but I included this one to show you just how many flies there are! See the dark black spot at the right of the picture here...flies by the millions all along the edge of the water.
These tufa will one day be under water again. As the water level raises...especially on good water years the tufa will become once again immersed in the waters of Mono Lake.
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