Sunday, June 10, 2007

Mono Lake....Actually I took four pictures to get the distance across....It is huge!!!
There are two islands of Mono Lake where thousands of seagulls lay their eggs and raise their babies. In 1941 the water was at the edge of where I took this picture. Over the years Los Angeles grabbed much of the water flowing into Mono Lake with almost disasterous results to the fragile ecosystem. Mono Lake is a stop for thousands and thousands of migratory birds who depend on the alkali flies and brine shrimp. The salinity of the lake has greatly increased. In 1994 the state ordered much of the water to not be taken that flows into Mono Lake and the lake has risen 12 vertical feet since then. They hope to have it at the 1951 level in 12 more years.
I thought I'd include some info here as they explain it much better than I can.
And here they are....the cream-colored tufa.
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