Sunday, May 27, 2007

Karen beams a happy smile just after graduating with the new title of Dr. Karen Rae O'Bosky M.D. She graduates today and tomorrow she will leave for a return tip to Swaziland for three weeks before starting residency at the end of June.
Here it is!!! The official proof of degree of Doctor of Medicine.
What an incredible event...being able to actually place the doctoral hood on her at the hooding ceremony on Fridaynight. Ray was also with us and got to help place the hood on his sister. My brother flew in from Oklahoma and my neice came from Pismo Beach and Steve's dad and Julia flew in from Arizona. We'd like to share more of this incredibly special time with you here to view a slideshow...featuring the graduate on the Giant Trinitron! LOL


tsaxlady said...

Tell Karen I said Congratulations!!

McMahon Manifesto said...

Thanks for sharing this special day Nancy! Congratulations to Karen and to you all! What a wonderful accomplishment. You must be so very proud!

Beck's Bulletin said...

Congratulations Karen!!!!!! WOw....You Go Girl! We are so proud of you and how you have gone after your dreams! Have an awesome time in Swaziland!

Anonymous said...

Congradulations to a proud set of parents, and to your daughter for her achievements! Blessings, Bobbi

Earle Expedition said...

Congratulations! What an accomplishment. You can tell by that smile that she is ready and excited to be a doctor.