Saturday, April 07, 2007

Wow...back to blogging! Here you see the beautiful mountains in Usery Recreation Area just outside of Mesa, AZ. This was the prettiest desert we had seen all winter. There were many birds also as well as jackrabbits and cottontails.
On March 17th, the Alberta Roamers chapter of our RV club...went to Organ Stop Pizza in Mesa, AZ. We joined this chapter last year..and they are so much fun! There were about 70 of us there for a private lunch and we got to hear the story of the huge huge pipe organ. Here you see the organist and the beautful gold accented organ coming up to play. If you ever get a chance...don't miss out on Organ Stop Pizza.


Jerry and Nancy Hurley said...

Thanks for your comment on our blog about our friends in common, Ken and Deb. I will pass along your greetings. Enjoyed reading your blog. Hope we will meet along the road. By the way, I now have the RV Traveling Tales book that was passed along by Deb. I will do the same.
Nancy Hurley

Beck's Bulletin said...

This organ is really something! I would have loved to be there!