Monday, February 26, 2007

I took this pic in Jan and Dave's front yard!! Jan thinks this is one of the babies who were born here last year. Mid February and setting on eggs...amazing!!
This past weekend we traveled with Dave and Jan out to the Sonoran Desert Monument to camp. The first afternoon Jan, Duke and I went for a walk. Here Duke and I are just crossing the wash. Poor Duke got a few thorns and sure didn't like the rocks. I, on the other hand, decided to try to tip toe and look inside a broken down saguaro to see some eggs that Jan was looking at...when I stepped on the edge of the cactus and it collapsed sending me into the side of the ol' cactus. I have spent several days digging out thorns and nursing my already sore thumb back from the trauma! LOL
If you look carefully and see the little white blob there...that is the Draggin' just above the desert foliage. Jan and I were walking to the base of a mountain nearby....looked just a breath away but we walked for almost an hour to get there!
Later the first evning in camp, Steve gladly barbecued Jan and Dave's famous Oregon home-grown beef!! It was sure yummy!
On Saturday morning they unloaded their motorcycle off the back of their rig and Jan rode back down the rode to get their son and gradson who were headed out to be with us for the weekend.

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