Friday, February 02, 2007

I love this triple is not far from where we are parked with about 20 rigs of boondockers (those are folks who like to camp without hook-ups) We are near the little town of Ajo, AZ about 50 miles north of the Mexico border.
Not much is growing here...with little rain and the hard freeze what plants were growing are not happy. But....Wow..the clouds a few days ago were spectacular since the desert doesn't often have them! I went out for a walk just to get a good view of them...then the wind suddenly changed and the mountains disappeared and I knew that the rain was on its way. My first clue was that Duke took off for home! He does not like the rain! I made it back just two minutes before the drops began to fall. It rained for about an hour...but two hours later I could already kick up dust!
Today...a clear blue Arizona sky and about 65 degrees with plenty of sunshine. This is our friend, John Oliver's kite. Wow...could it zoom and dart and swish and turn!

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