Sunday, January 21, 2007

It has been SO cold on the desert. One afternoon when it warmed up a few degrees, Cheryl and I decided to take the trash from camp to the dumpsters and go visiting. But the wind was so sharp and cold, Janet helped us out by wrapping the poles with Saranwrap to make us a "windshield." It sure helped!
During the Christian Fellowship gathering we were blessed to have the Balyeat Family come and sing and play for us! It was a great concert and we invited them to a potluck and a campfire afterwards. They sing all over the western US. Check out Nancy Balyeat's artwork at
Here you see our blue CF BOF sign join so many others. The desert is an incredible place for groups to congregate. This was just a few of the signs that we saw!
A busy day found a short time for a quick dinner before we played cards with two other couples. And when the door knocked we thought it was them arriving so we hollered, "Come in!" We heard a voice we didn't know...and then another! Steve and I looked up to see a couple we didn't know standing in our kitchen! Only in the RV world does this happen! They were a couple about our age from British Columbia who had heard about our Christian Fellowship group and were out to find us! We invited them to play cards and had a great time with Irela and Glen! The next morning was our potluck breakfast and we invited them. They came and then joined us all for a rainy day in the rig. Glen said...we only came for breakfast! That was at 5 pm when they left! We do hope we see them again soon!
We had 9 rigs for the Christian Fellowship Gathering with about a doezen walk-ins. We had a great time of devotions and fellowship and fun!

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McMahon Manifesto said...

Looks like an amazing weekend, Nancy! So fun to meet many new people in your travels! It doesn't surprise me that someone came for breakfast and stayed all day. You are both so down to earth and friendly! Thanks for sharing.