Monday, January 01, 2007

Desert beauty in a dry wash...not far from our campsite west of Quartzsite, Arizona at Dome Rock.
Sunday morning we drove to Hope, Arizona...about 30 miles from where we are parked to attend The Little Church of Hope. It was a full house and a great message by Pastor JT. This is the third year we have attended church here.
This is "Little Ed" Paulson and we were playing dueling cameras! He is also my cribbage opponent. So far we are taking turns beating one another!
The question here would be...How many men does it take to start a BBQ? Looks like 5! LOL
Why this picture you ask? Well, the BBQ just wouldn't work! So, Steve tried another tank and finally determined it must be a problem with this needle valve (only part shown here) Something was preventing the flow of propane. Hmmmm....

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~linda~ said...

hmmmm..was it a scorpion?

yes I stalk your