Saturday, December 24, 2005

Ok, here is a story for you. Sandy and I walked out to this palm tree and found a hot springs pool. Then a man in a Jeep with a dog came by and began talking to us. Well, he told us a lot more that we had anticipated. In a few short minutes we found out that BLM had closed this pool, that the area was open to nuding and about all the other springs in the entire valley and also who had been arrested for embezzlement in Tecopa. Well, why he was talking I glance out in the distance to the van that was parked out in the open area beyond some sand dunes...and i could see a man walking....with all the same color of clothes on...hmmmm or no clothes! Sandy and I were very glad we didn't walk further than this palm tree.

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Padraic & Willie said...

I wish you have taking some pictures of the place..